Where, how and what?


Where, how and what RV to rent is a question that consumes have most of the time when preparing for a vacation. serenity luxury rv for rent
Luxe RV narrowed hundreds of options that will not fit your profile anyhow, and bring you the best right in your face.
With an obsessed vision to revolutionize the traditional RVing way, Luxe RV focus in on the class B super luxury RVs.
Easy to drive, a smaller and smarter RV will have more to offer then a 40ft RV.
Rent a Leisure Serenity RV and you will be right on the top of any imaginable luxury RVing
Not only we are proud of our RV selection, but we also stand for the convenience of a 5 star vacation. We eliminate the hassle of charging or not for the generator hours of usage. Or the small amenities and ridiculous daily rent for chairs and tables. We have it all inclusive.
We want you to enjoy an amazing vacation and avoid the selling person hassle when they are trying to make you pay for every little detail.
Luxe RV bring you the best and its included in the price. From organic bedding, to organic coffee and green paper toilet. We want to you experience the best, so your only RV rental place will be Luxe RV.