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Rent an RV and visit Arizona and Grand Canyon

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Arizona is a short distance from California. When you travel in a luxury motorhome that distance will pass by in the blink of an eye, laughter and adventure melt the miles away.

Imagine being able to snow ski in the winter, be in the warm desert all in the same day. Arizona has just that and so much more. For those that have never viewed the Grand Canyon this is a bucket-list must. Pictures are beautiful but until you have stood and witnessed the true majesty that is the Grand Canyon, you must experience it to understand.

Sedona Arizona is one of the most majestic destinations in the world. If you want to reconnect with nature no other place on the planet has what Sedona has to offer. Arguably the most beautiful geological places on earth, the multi-hued stone walls are breathtaking. Inviting river, hiking through vibrant canyons and a spiritual connectedness that only exists in Sedona, for those that visit this becomes an annual pilgrimage.

Arizona as a state is covered with National Parks, Forests and Wildlife refuge areas in the country. If you want to experience several different ecosystems in a single trip Arizona has that to offer. Flagstaff has not only great skiing in the winter but some of the most beautiful hiking in the summer and spring.

Arizona—the Grand Canyon State—is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. Beyond the iconic Grand Canyon, experiences await you in every direction and in every corner of the state. Arizona is home to 47 national parks, monuments and refuges as well as 29 state parks that showcase mountains, buttes, deserts, and hidden lakes. Visitors often start exploring Arizona from Phoenix, the state capital and the fifth-largest city in the United States. (source: 

The experience of beautiful wildlife, Native American Heritage to the old west, when you experience all that Arizona has to offer you will go home amazed. Leaving you with memories to share for a lifetime and creating family traditions.

Experiencing Arizona in your motorhome will allow you the freedom to stop and explore. Experience off the beaten path hidden gems that you happened upon. Driving with faces staring out the windows in amazement of all the beauty the desert has to offer.

LuxeRV has the coach your family needs to experience life. Let the friendly staff point you in the direction of Arizona and happily say go on get out of here life awaits you! Corny but it’s true…

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