The Best Places to Camp Under The Stars


Have you always wanted to go camping and look up to see the beautiful stars above your head? Good! Because we know five of the top sites to go stargazing and they are truly astonishing. Here they are:

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

The Night Sky at Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah stars

Bryce Canyon is the best place to see the beauty of the night sky while learning about it. Its distance from light pollution makes the sight the ultimate pace to experience the stars. The canyon also offers the Astronomy Rangers Club! It will give you an educational yet entertaining tour of the sky. If you are looking for an even better experience, Bryce Canyon has an Annual Astronomy Festival every June! Check it out! The park offers campgrounds to park providing a one of a kind trip! 

Big Bend of the Rio Grande River

The Rio Grande River at night

This combination of the Big Bend National and Ranch State Parks offers one of the largest areas covered by dark sky in the US. The parks are located between Texas and Mexico. The Rio Grande River runs through the parks for 118 miles, sweeping back and forth creating some of the most beautiful landscapes. There is a Ranch located right outside the park which is very convenient for parking the RV but make sure to plan ahead!

Headlands International Dark Sky Park, Michigan

The Orange sky of Headlands Park

Headlands International Dark Sky Park in Michigan is a great example of the effect of putting a Dark Sky Designation into place. A Dark Sky Designation designates areas that commit to reducing light pollution. The park offers one of the best views of the Northern Lights from all around the Lake Michigan area. Unfortunately, the park does not allow parking on the site. But there is a campground located about five miles outside the park! The trip to this site is genuinely breathtaking!

Anza-Borrego, California

The colorful sky of Anza-Borrego Park

The Anza-Borrego Park in California sits on 600,000 acres of land and includes a popular garden and amazing wildflowers. The visiting center at the park is also very important and was recognized in an award-winning film A Year in the Desert. If you like hiking, the park sits on the Pacific Crest Trail, which is a 2,650-mile trail that runs from Canada to Mexico. All the hiking will be worth it when you get to admire the beautiful night sky. The Astronomy Park provides guests with telescopes and attending a stargazing party is a remarkable experience.

Cosmic Campground, New Mexico 

The Cosmic Campground International Dark Sky Sanctuary telescopes

The Cosmic Campground International Dark Sky Sanctuary is the first International Dark Sky Sanctuary located in North America. The Sanctuary is in the Gila National Forest and it’s forty-miles away from the nearest city! Also, the campground is fairly flat producing the ultimate view of the night sky. The site has four telescopes spread around the site but you may not want to leave your RV because of the view from the campsite.

No matter which place you decide on exploring next, your experience won’t be complete without a luxury RV. Luxe RV provides the best experience in the business to allow you to have the freedom and opportunity to see the stars while living in luxury. We look forward to your booking and happy RVing!