Sara’s trip to Malibu


We want to start by thanking Sara for choosing Luxe RV and sharing her experience with us!

RV renting Los AngelesSara was shopping around to rent an rv for her family of 4. Here she books a Coachmen Prism with Luxe RV and her dream Malibu weekend starts. Rent an RV Malibu

Sara was super excited just to know that she will rent a new rv and not some old smelling RV. On top of that the RV is a Mercedes and build with premium quality by Coachmen.

She rented the RV from us and the next day she got it delivered to her door at no charge. Plus, having it delivered at your door where you can load the RV with your food, clothes and kids stuff is pretty cool, but even cooler when the rented RV is outfitted at no additional charge.

Our RVs for rent come with organic bedding, kitchenware, outside table and chairs, coffee, tea and much more. This is a must in the RV renting business if you care about your customer experience.

Sara and her family had blast in Malibu with super comfortable Coachmen Prism.

Luxe RV is here to offer premium luxury RVs for rent and an unmatched customer experience.

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