Rocking Coachella in style


Rent an RV / MotorHome for Coachella

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If you live in California the Coachella music festival is most likely on your bucket list. The art and music festival that everyone once in their lives has to say “I did that” an experience you will share for a lifetime. The fun part of festivals like this is the experience. From planning to getting there the whole experience will be delved in your memory forever.

Coachella is an experience. You will view some of the most beautiful, bizarre and interesting art found anywhere on the planet. Music to fill your soul with the introduction of bands you may never have experienced. Another really cool part of the experience is you will have access to vegetarian cuisine, non GMO and healthy foods. A total immersion into art, music and good healthy food not to be found anywhere else on this planet!

Camping on site could be fun but for a couple of days no bath, no clean clothes, might be a bit much for some. Luxe RV has just the answer. Not only will you arrive in style, but you will have 5 Star Hotel amenities in your premium luxury motorhome. Clean restroom, shower and most importantly clean bed with a comfy mattress for the heavy party goer. You will have your own private refuge to rejuvenate your body and soul.


Traveling to the venue will be fun and memorable in your luxury RV. With passengers easily able to converse, play games, enjoy the beauty of California out of big picture style windows. Getting to and from in first class style and comfort. No waiting on long lines, you get set up at the RV Park so you have plenty of time to enjoy all that is the Coachella Music Festival. When you travel you want to spend more time enjoying yourself not waiting in airports or long hotel lines. That is exactly what traveling in a luxury motorhome affords you, time.

When it’s time to “Road Trip” you will make incredible memories in a Luxe RV luxury motorhome vs. conventional travel. If you’re going to Coachella then conventional is not in your DNA.

Here is a link to Camping options outside the Venue. RV’s are not allowed inside the venue but you can find cool places to stay with shuttle service to and from the venue:


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