Rent an RV

Are you looking to rent an RV? Luxe RV will provide you with the best RVs on the market. From free delivery anywhere in California to One Way RV Rental anywhere in America.

Luxe RV is please to offer our customer with Class B, Class C and camper vans. We only work with the best on the market and Mercedes is the new normal for our RVs rental.

With all the RV rental options we have to offer, you are certain to find the RV Rental you’re looking for. If you are not sure which RV you should choose, feel free to call our specialists and they will help you make the best decision for your next RV camping vacation.

Renting an RV in California and Nevada is very easy with Luxe RV. You just book your desired RV online and a specific RV will be on hold for you. We rent you the exact RV you picked. You will know the colors and all the details about the RV before the RV Rental day.

With Luxe RV on demand RV Rental program, you rent an RV as easy as ordering a pizza. We complete all the RV Rental details online and we deliver it to your door nice and clean.

Not to mention that Luxe RV is a hassle free RV Rental business. We included most of the additional RV Rental charges that traditional business still practice. Rent an RV or a Camper with Luxe RV and you will have included organic bedding, towels, kitchenware, internet, outside table and chairs, 100 miles per night rented and unlimited generator hours.

This is a true luxury RV Rental experience and we will do anything in our power to ensure a unique RV experience. Our RV and Camper Rentals are the best on the market. Some of the RV and Campers we rent, you can’t even find them anywhere else. This is the only place to rent this unique RVs and Campers.


Book your RV or Camper today and explore beautiful California and Nevada!