Rent an RV Leisure Serenity

Rent an RV Leisure Serenity

If you want to rent one of the most luxurious RVs on the market, you have to rent the Serenity.

This is by far the most thought-out RV Class B we ever seen. A picture is 1000 words, and I know the pictures will speak for themselves.

rent rv Mercedes Leisure SerenityIn our words, Leisure Serenity is the Rolls Royce of cars. The quality found in Leisure Serenity is unmatched by their competition.

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The kitchen is more then sufficient for a family of 4. With plenty of storage and the efficiency of this kitchen, makes spending time is a rented RV from Luxe RV a perfect vacation.

The dynamic exterior look the Leisure Serenity stand out from the crowd.

And aerodynamic shape makes this RV very stable. You will not fell like you are driving an RV, you will just drive a silent Mercedes.

Rent your Leisure Serenity RV from Luxe RV

Book your RV online today and get it delivered locally for free. We also offer “One Way Rental” for your convenience.

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