Coachella Festival

One of a kind Music Festival – Coachella RV Rental

Rent an RV for Coachella

Going in style at Coachella is limited to few options. And the since you want to be flexible and in close by, but not in a tent, you have one the best options, Luxe RV.

Luxe RV is renting luxurious Mercedes Class B and C RVs. Renting a luxurious RV from us is like bringing a five-star hotel where the action takes place.

For people that experience Coachella in the past, they know that planning ahead is the key to confirm your lodging needs.

Rent an RV today from Luxe RV and be ready to have the time of your life among friends, music and free people.

2nd bed leisure serenity CBCheck out our variety for Luxurious MotorHomes for Rent offered exclusively for Coachella.

All our RV will come with full kitchenware, bedding, outside table and chairs, and internet.

Not to mention they are extremely easy to use and very efficient. Luxe RV is offering premium, top of the line Class B and C RVs for rent from Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego or Las Vegas.

We outfit the Rental RV as you like and deliver it at your doorsteps.

If you are flying in, we will even come to pick you up from the airport.

Renting an RV in Hollywood and drive to Coachella will take about 2.5h

Renting an RV in Las Vegas and drive to Coachella will take about 4.5h

You can even Rent a Mercedes RV from San Francisco and it will take about 7.5h to drive to Coachella. Our diesel Mercedes powered RVs will get you a great average of about 18 mpg.

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