Pismo Beach RV Trip


 rent an rv for pismo beach
Several years ago, I drove cross country in a 36 foot 1970’s style mobile home from Los Angeles to South Carolina. Back then, the largest car I had ever driven was a 1990 Chevy Blazer. Needless to say, the RV was bigger and not the least bit comfortable to drive. The captains seat was like sitting on a pillow case full of aluminum cans. And driving this beast was a nightmare. Imagine an oversized shoe box on wheels, covered in wood paneling. I’ll never forget feeling like the RV was going to tip over. I wasn’t exactly thrilled when my boss suggested a weekend getaway in an RV. 
The Serenity is not your standard RV. It’s a Mercedes, which pretty much says it all. The 2016 Serenity is German Engineering at it’s best. My wife and I are driving to Pismo Beach in the new 2016 model. With a full kitchen, wood flooring and wifi, it’ll be like hanging out at home. But my home isn’t this modern. 
This Serenity is the James Bond of motorhomes. It’s got a 3L VT BlueTEC diesel engine that gets between 16 and 22 miles per gallon, which is pretty good. I have a feeling the Serenity will live up to the name. I can’t wait to saddle up in the leather swivel captain’s seat. 
I’ll be taking a lot of video and my wife is addicted to Instagram.You can check out some video at https://www.instagram.com/luxerv/ and see this amazing RV in action. Keep your fingers crossed. I’ll write more next week.