rent an rv one wayHow about picking up an RV in Los Angeles and drop in off in San Francisco? Or from San Francisco and drop it off in Las Vegas.

One way RV rentals are gaining in popularity as travelers are looking to explore more of the country and especially beautiful California.  This is a great way to get from one destination to another and sometimes even mix business with pleasure. You can pick up a rental RV in San Francisco and enjoy a beautiful trip down the coast, where you have a business meeting in Los Angeles.

One way RV rentals book out very early as the demand is high. The reason for this is that once a city is booked out for the summer no vehicles will be allowed to leave that city as it is needed in the same area.

At Luxe RV, one of our most popular one way RV rentals is from Los Angeles to New York, a unique coast to coast experience.

One way RV Rental

When looking into a one way RV rental, planning in advance is the way to do it, but we will also try our best to accommodate last minute rentals.  Call or Book Online today to plan your next vacation.

Call (888) 600-0793 and we will do book a luxury RV rental for your one way trip.