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Disconnect and Reconnect

Rent an RV from Luxe RV

In a hustle bustle world where we’re all tied to what seems to be an endless electronic life, kids glued to video games and the rest of us glued to social media. We’ve lost touch with nature. When was the last time you saw a beautiful night with a sky full of stars?Mercedes RV Rental from Luxe RV

Maybe it’s time to unplug from the world and go experience the world. The good news is you can experience nature without compromising luxury & comfort. Luxe RV travel is the fun of the outdoors, with the luxury you’re accustom to and for those adventuresome souls sleeping out amongst the stars is right at hand.

When you begin your journey imagine having the whole family able to play board games, talk and have fun. Traveling can be first class without waiting in long security lines at the airport, weather delays and a hundred other things that dig into vacation time. Load up the family and your adventure begins with everyone on board in a first class seat.

If you’re a couple that simply needs a getaway, unplug from the 9 to 5. It’s so easy to get caught up in life and need a weekend to Luxe RV in La Jollarekindle some romance with your special someone. Imagine finding a secluded area so majestic you simply have no words to describe. So many choices of hiking, exploring, napping, and that’s just your days activity. At night cuddling up with a campfire, a bottle of your favorite wine with the stars to light the moment, with a luxury accommodation from Luxe RV just steps away.

It simply does not take long to figure out that Luxe RV can help you create lifelong memories to share. With so many beautiful National Parks in California or off the beaten path destinations, you will find that perfect spot to create lifelong memories.

With world class names like Mercedes Benz™, LeisureTravelVan™, Winnebago™ and Coachman™ you will enjoy your travels in true style. Often compared to a luxury hotel on wheels, these world class coaches provide styling and comfort. Luxe RV allows you to enjoy life in a whole new way.