Leisure Serenity for rent

Leisure Travel Van Serenity RV

With a stunning interior and exterior design, this RV is probably the most luxurious RV for rent on the market.

Luxe RV rental - renting a luxury RVrent a mercedes rv

From handcrafted solid wood cabinetry to French-seamed upholstery, every finish in the Serenity has been carefully planned and masterfully executed. And, with a wide variety of cabinet and decor options available, you can customize the Serenity to suit your unique style.

With this space, storage and versatility, you would not say this is a 24 ft rental RV

rent an RV Serenity Floor Plan

  • Luxurious solid wood cabinetry
  • Convertible rear lounge and power sofa
  •  Aerodynamic fiberglass body
  • Privacy Drape
  • Shades

…and much more as this RV will keep surprising you

rent an rv in californiaRent an RV with a great MPG. You are wandering, how many miles per gallon will Serenity take? How about an average of 16mpg diesel. That is unseen when renting an RV.

Mercedes add the driving experience and leisure finishes in style the rest of the body.

Easy to drive and easy to park. You don’t have to worry about renting another car to drive around the city or go to a nice restaurant, renting an RV like Serenity will ensure you can park it anywhere.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit beautiful cities and enjoy what each area has to offer best.

Rent this luxurious RV from Los Angeles or San Francisco.


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