How to book the right RV


Which RV Rental Place is the right one for you

This is a very common questions among new RV users. We are getting a lot of feedback from our customers since we also get a lot a first time users. Due to the targeted market we address with our small luxury RVs, we get to spend some time with our customers to go over the details.

We got to find that a customers calls in average about 5 rental places before they make their decision. We also heard it multiple times that working with small RV rental business they get a lot more information and the experience becomes a pleasant one.

Not to mention how many time we are told by the customers that they love the way our RVs are maintained and super clean. Most of nation wide RV rental businesses have such a high volume and small windows to re-rent the RVs, that they simply can’t keep up with the maintenance and cleaning of the RVs.

If Luxe RV is in the area you look to book, pay us a visit. We will love to show you around. If not, look for a owner operator Rental business as they will do everything in their power to make your vacation a pleasant one.

Not being pushed by the professional sales people at the large RV rental places its a huge plus in making the right decision.