How much does it cost to rent an RV?

How much does it cost to rent a recreational vehicle is based on the vehicle year, size, milage and season.

For those who are looking for a quick answer, we will say a normal range would be between $300 to $800 per night.

Now for the ones with more patience and interested in more details, we should lay couple of situations so you can better understand and decide what works best for you.

Luxe RV rental - renting a luxury RVFirst of all, lets talk about the year. We highly recommend to stay away from any RV older then 5 years. Just like any other vehicle, will have unexpected problems and the last thing you want if to get stuck in the middle of nowhere and without a generator.
All newer RVs, are highly efficient and stock equipped with generator, batteries and solar. Not to mention the mpg efficiency.

Now that we know to stay away from oldies, we should look at the size of the RV you’re looking for. Rent a super luxury RV
We have Class A, Class B and Class C. Class C and B are relatively around same size (smaller RVs).

Renting cost per night is almost the same in most of the cases. Between $300 to $800 on a Class A super luxury.

Some renting companies will have additional charges per mile. Between $.35 to .$60 per miles. Some will come with a certain number of miles in the price.
Some will charge for the generator usage per hour. Average is around $4 per h. But most of the luxury ones, will come with most of the additional charges included.

Once you decided what Class RV works for you, and if there are or not any additional charges, you will have to look at the mpg. Most of the RV will range around 8 mpg. Class B and C will be a little higher.
Best is to go for Diesel and as new as possible. For example, Leisure Serenity will average at 16 mpg. Suppose your trip will be around 3000 miles with the gallon price around $3, you will have in Diesel alone, about $562.5.

Ok, we got an idea of what we are looking for at this point. Now, lets look at quality, flexibility and comfort.

Depending of the size of your group/family, its always recommended to go for a smaller size RV. For many reasons, like the mpg, but also the ease to drive and most importantly, the flexibility to drive in a city and even park there. Where a Class A RV will not be allowed.
But that also can be narrowed down by the size of your group and your destinations. Rent Luxury RV in Los Angeles

Where are you going to camp? Most parks offer all necessary amenities and they average around $45 per day. On this subject, you don’t have that many choices as they are only that many in every area.

Lastly, but very important, is the insurance and coverage for your trip.
We highly recommend you will get a travel cancellation insurance. Better safe then sorry. And a medical coverage in case you are not from US.

Make sure you plan your trip ahead of time. Get all the information you need and go wilde and have fun.

Nowadays, RVing can be done in style and sometimes even in a very comfortable way with some of the luxury RVs build today.

Make sure the RV you choose suits your needs and you will build amazing memories next to the loved ones!