Finding Your Next RV Trip Destination! Use Our Easy Quiz!


Planning an RV road trip can be one of the most exciting things one can do. Whether you are a “plan out every second” or “just go with the flow” type of person, finding the best destination to visit is the most important part! 

So you don’t know where you want to go? Well, you’re in luck because we put together a short, enjoyable quiz to help make the decision for you! Let’s find that destination!

Finding your RV Trip Destination

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1) What type of planner are you?
a) I plan everything down to the second.
b) “Let’s just start driving and we’ll figure it out.”

If you answered “a” a trip that is planned around one thing, like visiting a National Park or going to see where the Declaration of Independence was signed, is the trip for you. When a trip is planned around something so specific, it will be easy for you to organize your RV trip! We picked out a couple for you here:

Okay so now if you answered “b” a trip with no barriers is for you. All of you have to do is pack up the RV, hop in, start driving, and see where the road takes you! Even though this idea sounds like a lot of fun, you still should plan some aspects of the RV trip out. Some examples include where to park, your timeline, and of course your budget, among others. Maybe even having a general destination set is a good idea!

Who is Going on the RV Trip?

2) What would you normally find yourself doing on a Saturday night?
a) I’m at home watching Netflix on my comfy couch.
b) I’m at a bar with all my friends!

If you answered “a” you are the solo/family traveler. The best thing for you to do is get out on the road and spend some quality time isolated from the outside world. Take the kids to the lake or go for a dip yourself! Pick a destination that suits the family and your luxury RV.

Now if you answered “b” why not include all of your friends. Think about it, everyone in their luxury RVs, riding down the highway, you all meet, and have the trip of a lifetime. You could also plan an RV trip with your entire family! Maybe get away from home for Christmas? Or even New Years!

Okay…final question,

The Most Popular RV Destination: The National Parks

3) What do you see yourself doing?
a) taking a stroll down the sidewalk and learning about where you are
b) hiking up a mountain to see the most beautiful sunset.

Sorry…we tricked you! No matter what you answered, an RV trip to a National Park is definitely for you! This Whether you want to drive across the country for that one park you want to visit or just stay local and visit the ones in your area,  we are sure you’ll have a great time.
Or maybe you already figured out where you want to go from the previous two questions! That’s great too and now it’s time to book that luxury RV!

Found your Destination and Ready to Go on your RV Trip? 

We hope you are ready to go and are excited to hear about your RV trip. Luxe RV is the premium way to travel and we’ll deliver the RV to you with everything you need already inside! You can choose from our wide selection to find which RV is best for you. 

Hopefully, you enjoyed choosing your destination but the most important part is to GO! So start planning and Luxe RV will be there when you are ready to book!