Everything happens online.
After you request a booking, you will receive an automated email with an invitation to the rental agreement.
Once you sign the rental agreement, we will ensure the availability and process your credit card provided. We will follow up with a booking confimation email.

We allow pets in some of our vehicles, it is a one-time $250 pet fee.

Please make sure you mark this request in your booking process online. Otherwise you risk to not be allowed to bring your pet in the RV or penalties up to $2000.

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It is 0.65 cents per mile. You can pre-pay the first 500 miles for 0.45 cents per mile ($225). There is also a package starting at $375 a night that includes 100 miles a day as well as all of the add-ons.

When you reach the final (third) step of the booking process, you will enter your insurance information via a picture of your policy on the e-mailed form. Either you or us can contact the insurance to check if it covers RV rentals. Some insurances that usually covers include Farmers, AAA, State Farm, USAA (via A019 form), 21st Century, & Allstate.
If you are not covered there is an option for $39.95 and up a day through a 3rd party insurance provider.

We offer a few different options for cancellation. .
If you pay 100%, you are entitled to a 50% refund up to 30 days before your booking starting date.

The two new options are we are offering courtesy rebooking, free of charge, in the case of COVID-19 closures, shutdowns, other emergencies.

We always recommend you look into a ‘traveler insurance’ in case you will need to cancel. As of right now, we will direct you to find a 3rd party company and purchase the insurance.

We use professional cleaners that are thoroughly cleaning and wiping the entire interior and exterior of the vehicle with bleach, a process of about 2 hours per vehicle. They are also using an oxidation process via an air-filter with a UV bulb that has been said to kill the virus and other bacteria. We are also keeping the RVs in storage for a minimum of 3 days in between any renter due to the medical research stating that the virus can live up to 72 hours on certain surfaces. All of our agents will also be equipped with masks/gloves.

In our experience and what he hear from the customers, our turbo diesel vehicles get 16-20 MPG.

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Yes, our vehicles have a 2 1/2 standard female hitch and can tow up to 5,000 lbs. We do not provide towing equipment.

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Yes, we provide 24/7 Mercedes-Benz roadside assistance and have an emergency text line that can direct you to any of our partnered mechanics and dealers around your route.

Most campgrounds or RV parks will provide dump access upon your departure. If you need to dump on the go, you can identify many gas station facilities such as Pilot or Love’s that offer dumping stations.  Most smartphones can download the Park Advisor app that identifies appropriate dumping stations along your route. Gas stations can also offer water and propane, simply look up ‘propane refill near me’, and you can try U-Hauls as they usually have the cheapest and convenient services.

Each RV will be equipped with a generator, 1-2 TVs/DVD player, kitchen, conventional microwave oven, stove, two sinks, toilet, shower, refrigerator, and freezer. In addition, you can select the package to include all of the add-ons in your vehicle (organic bedding linens & towels, full kitchenware, tables & chairs, unlimited generator hours, WiFi, and 100 miles a day) or build it a-la-carte. If you select this package, please enter the “All-Inclusive Package” in the special directions. Or select what you need for your trip.

Campgrounds, RV parks, rest stations, and most parking units in the back or general street parking can accommodate our Class C RV vehicles (24-25′ long). Some resources for finding locations or reserving include ReserveAmerica (this is where all state parks direct reservations), KOA Campgrounds, and the Park Advisor app for smartphones.

No, these RVs are very simple and everything can be done with the touch of a button. On pick-up, an agent will go over every single functionality with you and you will be a professional by the time you leave with the RV. We will also send you an introduction/orientation video covering all of this and more. If you have any questions or forget something while on your trip we are available to assist you. 

Smoking is strictly prohibited. If the vehicle is returned with a smoke odor a cleaning fee will be charged up to $2000 and your security deposit will become non-refundable.

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Unfortunately, our products are specialized and usually booked out, so if we reserve a date for you, that denies other customers those spots. Thus, we cannot refund.

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We encourage you to list all adults over the age of 25 who will be present in the vehicle as additional drivers so that they will be covered by insurance. You can add as many drivers as you like, free of charge.

No, a standard Class C license (and standard international DLs) works for all of our vehicles, even the Class A Intent.

We have a three-night (3 nights) price minimum. You are welcome to return the RV earlier if you’d like, however, there will be no refunds for that days not used.

Yes, we can deliver locally for a small fee, simply check “local delivery” or “local pick-up” if you are within 20 miles of our operational areas (LA, San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, & Austin)

You must contact us as soon as possible to see if we can extend your rental period. If we have a reservation for that specific vehicle we won’t be able to extend your trip and late fees will apply if the vehicle is returned late.
If you select a Late Return ($99) you can bring it back on your check-out day between 12-5 PM, but anything after that will be subject to an additional nightly charge.
This HAS to be done before you check-in with the vehicle and cannot be done on the same day without an approval or there will be severe penalties.

Notify us right away so that we may assist you. Take detailed photos of all of the vehicles/property involved and take photos of the other party’s insurance information and driver license(s).

A police report is always beneficial even if this is a small accident.

The renter is responsible for paying the tickets and any associated fees.

We will ask you to pay your tickets right a way and submit proof of payment to Luxe RV.

If Luxe RV will process your ticket, you will be billed an additional hourly labor cost and any late fees associated with the ticket.

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Please fill up the tank with diesel to the same level at which you received it. Also, please refill the liquid propane and dump the gray and black water tanks. We can dump the tanks for you if you pre-paid on check-in elect to pay at the end. If you will not refill the RV we can do it for you for a higher price per gallon for diesel and/or liquid propane.

Also, if you decided to clean the RV, or have someone do it for you, it will need to be done professionally. Sanitized and cleaned outside as well.

Yes. All of our units are winterized and ready for the snow. However, these are mobile house units and thus are subject to freezing from extreme temperatures, we highly advise you make reservations for campground or RV park hook-ups if the temperatures will be below freezing for long periods of time.

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