Pismo Beach RV Trip

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Several years ago, I drove cross country in a 36 foot 1970’s style mobile home from Los Angeles to South Carolina. Back then, the largest car I had ever driven was a 1990 Chevy Blazer. Needless to say, the RV was bigger and not the least bit comfortable to drive. The captains seat was like sitting on a pillow case full of aluminum cans. And driving this beast was a nightmare. Imagine an oversized shoe box on wheels, covered in wood paneling. I’ll never forget feeling like the RV was going to tip over. I wasn’t exactly thrilled when my boss suggested a weekend getaway in an RV. 
The Serenity is not your standard RV. It’s a Mercedes, which pretty much says it all. The 2016 Serenity is German Engineering at it’s best. My wife and I are driving to Pismo Beach in the new 2016 model. With a full kitchen, wood flooring and wifi, it’ll be like hanging out at home. But my home isn’t this modern. 
This Serenity is the James Bond of motorhomes. It’s got a 3L VT BlueTEC diesel engine that gets between 16 and 22 miles per gallon, which is pretty good. I have a feeling the Serenity will live up to the name. I can’t wait to saddle up in the leather swivel captain’s seat. 
I’ll be taking a lot of video and my wife is addicted to Instagram.You can check out some video at https://www.instagram.com/luxerv/ and see this amazing RV in action. Keep your fingers crossed. I’ll write more next week. 

Rocking Coachella in style

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Rent an RV / MotorHome for Coachella

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If you live in California the Coachella music festival is most likely on your bucket list. The art and music festival that everyone once in their lives has to say “I did that” an experience you will share for a lifetime. The fun part of festivals like this is the experience. From planning to getting there the whole experience will be delved in your memory forever.

Coachella is an experience. You will view some of the most beautiful, bizarre and interesting art found anywhere on the planet. Music to fill your soul with the introduction of bands you may never have experienced. Another really cool part of the experience is you will have access to vegetarian cuisine, non GMO and healthy foods. A total immersion into art, music and good healthy food not to be found anywhere else on this planet!

Camping on site could be fun but for a couple of days no bath, no clean clothes, might be a bit much for some. Luxe RV has just the answer. Not only will you arrive in style, but you will have 5 Star Hotel amenities in your premium luxury motorhome. Clean restroom, shower and most importantly clean bed with a comfy mattress for the heavy party goer. You will have your own private refuge to rejuvenate your body and soul.


Traveling to the venue will be fun and memorable in your luxury RV. With passengers easily able to converse, play games, enjoy the beauty of California out of big picture style windows. Getting to and from in first class style and comfort. No waiting on long lines, you get set up at the RV Park so you have plenty of time to enjoy all that is the Coachella Music Festival. When you travel you want to spend more time enjoying yourself not waiting in airports or long hotel lines. That is exactly what traveling in a luxury motorhome affords you, time.

When it’s time to “Road Trip” you will make incredible memories in a Luxe RV luxury motorhome vs. conventional travel. If you’re going to Coachella then conventional is not in your DNA.

Here is a link to Camping options outside the Venue. RV’s are not allowed inside the venue but you can find cool places to stay with shuttle service to and from the venue:

Off-Site Options


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Scrambling for Lodging for Super Bowl 50?

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Rent Unity RV Mercedes

It’s that time of year again Super Bowl 50 is just days away. For those lucky fans that get to attend, finding transportation and a hotel room can be a true challenge. You probably have never thought of attending a huge event like the Super Bowl in an RV, have you?

Rent RV Serenity Leisure Van from Luxe RV

How much fun would it be to road trip with family and friends to the Super Bowl? Especially if you’re driving a luxury motorhome and truly traveling 1st Class! Whether it’s the Super Bowl or your kids State Football Championship game, imagine how much fun the family will have on a luxury road trip.
2nd bed leisure serenity CB

When hotels are booked for miles away from the venue, you simply need to find a local out of the way RV Park. Being totally sustainable, on board water, generator for utilities you don’t need a hotel, restaurant, you just need a spot. RV parks will also have everything you need for your coach, shore power, utilities and lots of nice people having fun. You’re totally self-sustaining, not a bad problem to have when everything is crowded, booked up and fun times are wasted fighting the crowds.

Another advantage is many larger venues have an area for RV’ers. These areas are filled with families, where it’s more like a neighborhood party. A big bonus is no waiting in huge lines for a restroom break. A nice clean bathroom is right inside your coach. Not the most glamorous thing to think about, but for wives this is a huge plus.

When you think about it renting a luxury motorhome, going to the Super Bowl, how much more fun will your stories be. Anyone can travel to a hotel, fight huge lines at the airport security, wait in long lines for food, and beverages. Imagine being able to go have everything you need in your luxury RV. Being able to have more time enjoying the experience vs. fight all the troubles with normal everyday travel, you’re not a normal everyday person! An adventurous soul will understand.

Experiences like this are often times ounce in a lifetime. Don’t let your ounce in a lifetime be anything but epic, Luxe RV takes luxury to a whole new peak.


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Luxurious Getaway RV Rental

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Disconnect and Reconnect

Rent an RV from Luxe RV

In a hustle bustle world where we’re all tied to what seems to be an endless electronic life, kids glued to video games and the rest of us glued to social media. We’ve lost touch with nature. When was the last time you saw a beautiful night with a sky full of stars?Mercedes RV Rental from Luxe RV

Maybe it’s time to unplug from the world and go experience the world. The good news is you can experience nature without compromising luxury & comfort. Luxe RV travel is the fun of the outdoors, with the luxury you’re accustom to and for those adventuresome souls sleeping out amongst the stars is right at hand.

When you begin your journey imagine having the whole family able to play board games, talk and have fun. Traveling can be first class without waiting in long security lines at the airport, weather delays and a hundred other things that dig into vacation time. Load up the family and your adventure begins with everyone on board in a first class seat.

If you’re a couple that simply needs a getaway, unplug from the 9 to 5. It’s so easy to get caught up in life and need a weekend to Luxe RV in La Jollarekindle some romance with your special someone. Imagine finding a secluded area so majestic you simply have no words to describe. So many choices of hiking, exploring, napping, and that’s just your days activity. At night cuddling up with a campfire, a bottle of your favorite wine with the stars to light the moment, with a luxury accommodation from Luxe RV just steps away.

It simply does not take long to figure out that Luxe RV can help you create lifelong memories to share. With so many beautiful National Parks in California or off the beaten path destinations, you will find that perfect spot to create lifelong memories.

With world class names like Mercedes Benz™, LeisureTravelVan™, Winnebago™ and Coachman™ you will enjoy your travels in true style. Often compared to a luxury hotel on wheels, these world class coaches provide styling and comfort. Luxe RV allows you to enjoy life in a whole new way.