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  • Consistently delivering the highest level of service and the best RVs out there. No one does that combination of experience attributes better than them.

    I rented the Leisure Serenity RV, which its almost impossible to buy, imagine finding it for rent.
    The RV comes standard with internet, organic bedding, kitchenware, outside table and chairs. And when I requested a bike rack, they include it at no additional charge. That was nice of them.

    I RVed before and this is way superior in the quality and service delivery. They brought the RV at my home and picked it up at no additional charge.

    I really like to support business like that as they raise the bar in an industry that has not changed much since i first went RVing almost 8 years ago.

    Kudos to you Luxe RV!

    Elisa M -

    Returning from a great vacation from San Francisco to Los Angeles.
    We drove this Mercedes RV from Luxe RV Rental and it was not difficult at all. Its was comfortable enough for two adults and two kids.

    Best thing about it is that this newer RVs, they are very comfortable. Everything is a button away. The awning is huge and the RV is equipped with an outside TV and stereo. Very entertaining for summer evenings.

    The RV was new and well maintained. The guys from Luxe where very nice at the delivery and return and if I do this again soon, I will defiantly use Luxe RV.

    They have my vote and I can’t wait for them to bring their services in Chicago.


  • Very cool service offered by Luxe RV.
    They delivered the RV to our house early in the morning for our Las Vegas trip from LA. This way we packed everything up in the RV really fast and hit the road. The refrigerator was already cool and we where able to put all the baby food for kinds and not worry about it going bad.
    The drive was great and I think I averaged around 16mpg. Really good from my point of view.
    Once parked at the camping park, we got a dozen compliments on the RV looks.
    Thumbs up for Luxe RV and the services they are providing.


    This was the best decision ever!

    Thank you guys for an amazing service you provided for us. The prices are great. We had amazing vacation with our family and are definitely doing this again next year. We drove all across the country and our RV provided everything we needed. Will definitely come back again!

    Keep up with amazing work.


  • Luxe RV…. You seriously made my trip to San Francisco so superb. I recommend this company to everyone.
    I don’t think there isn’t another RV rental company to match Luxe RV.
    The luxury interior is so beautiful, its much nicer then my apartment. The driving was very comfortable, the iPad they offer with the RV was a very nice touch. I surfed the net, read books and play games on it.
    We got a lot of compliments of how cool the RV looks at almost every stop we made.
    I will defiantly rent from them again.

    Alexa C. -

    We are looking into buying the Leisure Serenity for our family, but the waiting period is 10 months. And since they are about $, we decided to rent one first before buying. The only place on the entire internet was Luxe Rv to rent this type of RV.

    We are so happy to go through them as our experience was amazing from start to finish. Plus we where lucky enough to rent a brand new one from them. Was a great pleasure to rent from Luxe Rv!


  • To management,

    I rented an RV in Beverly Hills and I want to let you know that I am amaized with your service. Alex and Cali did a great job presenting the RV and teaching me how to use it and I want to let you know that I will rent your RV every year. You guys make sure to keep up with the great work maintaining this great service and RVs.


    Santiago M.


    We rented from Luxe RV about a month ago. This top of the line luxury RV, a sprinter transformed, was great fit for me and my husband and it was not difficult at all to drive. Usually, being used to a small daily driver and going to an RV can be overwhelming. This was not the case. And the quality of this type of RV did not make us homesick. We highly recommend Luxe RV!